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The Hall of Waters & Cultural Museum

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In 1933, legislation was approved so that Excelsior Springs could petition the U.S. Government for a loan and grant through the Public Works Administration. The loan and grant was approved and certified by the supreme court of Missouri in 1935. Altogether, a million dollars was made available for the construction of the Hall of Waters, purchase of the mineral water rights, and piping of the waters to the bottling facilities within.

A ground-breaking took place in 1936 with a ceremony and the laying of the cornerstone. The structure was partially completed in 1937, when the "Hall of Springs", today known as the water bar, pictured above, opened and the mineral waters were dispensed to visitors and health-seekers.

The evidence of the Kessler-designed Siloam Spring Park was beginning to slowly disappear. The new building called for razing of the Siloam Pavilion, just south of Broadway at the entrance to Siloam Park. The Hall of Waters was built over the present Siloam and Sulpho-Saline springs, Siloam spring being located under the front steps. Art Deco style architecture on the interior and exterior was chosen as in keeping with the Mayan Indian tradition relating to water and water gods.

Besides the Hall of Springs, a great, two-story hall where all of the mineral waters were made available at fountains, the first floor contained the women's bath department, a sunroom, a covered porch, a grand foyer, offices for the management of the springs and for the chamber of commerce. The swimming pool, 30' x 75', met the A.A.U. regulations for championship events and was located on a lower floor, that opened to outdoor terraces. The balcony around the pool could seat 500 persons. Adjoining the pool in the south wing was a special hydrotherapy department, devoted to research into the uses of the waters and treatment of chronic cases of different ailments on prescriptions of licensed physicians. The bottling department was located on the east side of the north wing. Five varieties of mineral water were bottled in the Hall of Waters Processing and Bottling Plant and shipped, literally, all over the world.

The Hall of Waters was placed on the Clay County Historical Landmark Register in 1981 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 9, 1983.

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